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LGBT India Tour - It's not the end…. but it's the beginning of your journey!
Those who are frequently visiting India, for them India is a life-changing experience and all this because of its vivid, challenging and both remarkable beauty and remarkable cultural contradictions. Next to China, India is the world's richest, most ancient civilization, it is the birthplace of Hinduism and not only this it is the place where Lord Buddha has delivered his first sermon and is the place where originated many of the ideas that have shaped both history and thinking of much of the world. So if you want to be one of them then do visit India and make your journey of a lifetime.

In today’s scenario for Gay travel - the mind set up of people are changing rapidly and the society is becoming modern which ultimately leads to a remarkable changes and growth in the Gay travel. Because of the broad mind and forward thinking of the people Gay, Lesbian and transgender tours have rapidly grown in numbers. Even with the social reservations across the world, the acceptability has drastically enhanced. India a country where there are people having backward thinking because of them India has always been in the back end with respect to differently enabled sexual behavioral patterns however with the recent Supreme Court ruling; it has opened a window to the world. Still there are people with narrow mind and even though the social shame attached has taken deep roots in the Indian society, in spite of this there is an increase in visible acceptance levels which have opened possibilities for Gay tours in India. In today’s scenario Homosexuality has become an acceptable human behavior to many as people have started recognizing the sexual preferences.

If you are comfortable with unique history, miraculous sights and sounds, excellent food and supreme shopping, India is a great choice as you can't stand another Mediterranean summer holiday.

Through research and surveys it has been derived that the percentage of gay/lesbian/bi-sexual people in India is almost the same as anywhere else in the world, but then also India's homosexuals are largely invisible just because the people here are not very open to them. But the scenario is changing at a very rapid pace and now this has already begun to change and will continue to change at lightning speed as India becomes more modern and westernized.

To make the people more forward on this matter, pride events were held throughout India in June 2008, laws against homosexuality were struck down in New Delhi and a strong campaign is under weigh to similar secret colonial laws throughout the rest of the country. There are numerous bars in New Delhi that have a 'gay night' once a week, and In Mumbai you can have three weekly gay "parties". As per our knowledge there is a new gay bar in Udaipur.

LGBT India Tour specializes in handling tours for the LGBT community, the tours and packages offered by us are exclusively customized to match the needs of Gay and Lesbian travellers who come to discover the beauty of incredible India. We not only offer customized tours but also offer special guided private & gay group tours to India.

Day by day the desire to explore more and more all of the world, tourism is growing rapidly in India and we want to welcome our LGBT brothers and sisters to safely explore our beautiful country. Our continuous effort and the move has been encouraged and applauded by millions of members of the community across the world with a direct consequence being reflected in the higher number of Gay and Lesbian travellers choosing India as a preferred holiday destination.

The best part of LGBT India tour is that we actually understand the needs of this community and the importance of giving our clients their own space to celebrate private moments in a most relaxed manner without the fear of any discrimination of any kind. The staffs at the hotels with whom we work with understand the importance of privacy, comfort, security, lavishness, soul-soothing environment and hearty acceptance for Gay and Lesbian tourists.

What we believe is that LGBT tours are not really different from any other tour. What is required by our client is proper hospitality and respect so you can enjoy the vacation of your dreams. We have well trained team and staffs; they work with you at every step before and during your trip in an almost invisible manner to make your Incredible India experience truly memorable! This hierarchy begins from our trained managers who assist in planning your trip to your drivers to your tour guides to the choicest hotels that we can select, everyone on our team knows what our clients need – respect, comfort, privacy and a sense of adventure.

With our continuous effort and research we have designed our tour packages in such a way that they will ensure all our services are worth your money. Our prime motive is not to make money out of you rather to serve you superbly well. We have and will continue to put in great effort in planning and organizing even in last minute an absolute luxurious Gay and lesbian vacation for you in India. We are very much aware and completely understand the issues & concerns of Gay and Lesbian travel to India, so we by way of LGBT India Tour offer you a complete carefree & unforgettable experience of Pink and colourful India.

As the pioneers in the field of Travel & Tourism in India, we know exactly how to showcase the beauty and romance of India in a way that will create life long memories for you. Everyone as guest coming to visit India through us is a friend of ours and we make every attempt to make our trips truly special. We are a full service travel agency and will make ourselves available 24 / 7 once your trip is scheduled for any questions you may have and we are always keeping track of your progress directly or indirectly once you arrive in India and will be helping Gay and Lesbian travellers to explore India.

Our private and group Gay and Lesbian tours across India are oriented completely towards giving you a perfect holiday.

So whether you are staying in a centuries old palace in Rajasthan or in your own beach side villa in Kerela or week fun in Goa or in Romantic Sculpture of Khajuraho or in spiritual spirit mood in Holy city Varanasi or Yoga tour in Rishikesh or Exploring Northern India or Nepal, we promise to bring the romance alive. Our team will work with you at every step in an almost invisible way to make the Incredible India experience truly memorable!

Once our clients get connected to us, we are so fulfilled and rewarded that they keep coming back as our guests. Our clients always say they have no worries in our care because they can just sit back and let us do all of the preparation and work. That ways you can read about your destinations, get excited, learn about your camera, and let us, the tour experts, take care of every other detail! From the moment you arrive in India, you are in the hands of our specialists on the ground, ensuring the best of what India has to offer in every way to our LGBT friends. You have only your bags to pack, and we will take care of everything else. Let's get started making your dreams come true!

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  • Destination weddings for gays and lesbians
  • Honeymoon planning for gays and lesbians
  • Gay luxury train packages
  • Gay Vacations and tours to India
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  • Registered Tour Guide in multiple languages

LGBT India Tour

LGBT India Tour - It's not the end…. but it's the beginning of your journey. Those who are frequently visiting India, for them India is a life-changing experience and all this because of its vivid, challenging and both remarkable

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