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Current Thinking About Gay & Lesbian Travelers

In a country like India Homosexuality remains frowned upon notwithstanding the fact that in July 2009 a Supreme Court ruling ended with wrong side of an unjust portion of legislation that had, since colonial times, banned so-called "unnatural" sexual relations, criminalizing consensual sex between men. But at the same time the consequences of this Supreme Court ruling and constitutional freedom is that the media celebrated widely with endless discussions, arguments, debates and fairly remarkable stories about everything and anything gay feel proud of.

After Supreme Court ruling media becomes busy in promoting homosexuality but on the other hand, there are some religious and political leaders who work on reversing the legislative decision and some of them aggressively encourage antigay opinion; by means of their extreme dislike with the weird response that homosexuality is un-Indian. But there effort is going in vain as variety of high-profile cases are working into the matter of gay and lesbian rights into the social and political sphere, and there is increased wakefulness in this regard across all social spheres, not least as a result of gay storylines and subplots creeping into mainstream Bollywood movies, and the rags plump with gossip about which star is in or out of the closet this week.

Now with the passage of time things have changed a lot, people have started encouraging homosexuality in India and so you're likely to come across a wide range of reactions to homosexuality, even if it’s just a matter of conversation or from those who clearly want their gay friends as social accessories to those with open aggression to those displaying complete unresponsiveness.

In conclusion, social norms and sexual behavior are two different things and so social norms should not be confused with sexual behavior. The research and surveys says that Indian men, for example, are a great deal more friendly with one another than they are with women in public, and this can be commonly seen by looking at men walking arm-in-arm, hand-in-hand, and embracing, though this is said to be an act of "brotherliness" without any sexual connotation. However, discretion is probably best observed outside your hotel room (note that no one questions same-sex travelers sharing a room).

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If you want to get any kind of information and want to know more about gay- and lesbian-friendly contacts nationwide, just go and check out Indian Dost (; for a more personal outlook, filled with substance and insights you can read some of the posts on the LGBT India Tour blog (

Gay support groups include the Gay Info Centre (P.O. Box 1662 Secunderabad HPO 500 003, Andhra Pradesh), Humsafar Trust (, and to a lesser extent, Gay Bombay (, which mainly offers information on gay venues in Mumbai and in Varanasi –From Office of LGBT India Tour (

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