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India Tour: Myth versus Reality

Few places in the world are as misunderstood as India. Those who have never ever stepped foot in India have strong negative reactions about India, on the other hand those who have visited India strongly favor India with their positive reactions. Below mentioned is the list of five biggest myths about India:-

Myth #1: If I will go to India, I will get sick.
Reality: LGBT India Tour has organized many trips to India, and not even a single traveler got ill. While travelling one has to be careful as they do in other countries, but always keep in mind that in our travel package we selects only the safest hotels and restaurants for our travelers, and most of these venues have their own water filtration systems so feel free to visit India and don’t believe on rumors.

Myth # 2: India is dirty.
Reality: It is a misconception that India is dirties everywhere rather it is also perfect and beautiful; it totally depends upon where you are. Suppose you are near an Ocean, there you will feel that the air is superbly fresh and clean and not a piece of waste can be found.

Myth #3: There is just poverty everywhere.
Reality: One more misconception about India is that in India poverty is everywhere. But it is not the truth, rather it is estimated that that by 2016, 50% of the population will be that of middle class. People from abroad coming to India feel that they wanted to have a quick look of all the realities of India but they were not supposed to. The reality is that impoverishment is not everywhere. There are some places which are impoverished and if you want to visit those places you can. LGBT India Tour is there to make you see those places.

Myth #4: India is not gay-friendly.
Reality: Sometimes back one of the gay group came to visit India, and everyone from our guides to hotel staff knew that they were gay. All the staffs were very affectionate and friendly to them and they can often be found walking around hand-in-hand or with their arms around one another and nobody was there to disturb them as it was an issueless matter.

Myth #5: Accommodations are just subpar.
Reality: This is just a major myth and nothing else, because India is the place where you can find the best hotels of the world. The hotels are so beautifully elevated, that they can't just be called 5 stars but they deserve the rating of 6 to7 stars. Most of the hotels in India are earlier the palaces of Maharaja’s. Slowly and gradually they have been converted into the hotels and the carving they have you will never find in the whole world. The staffs there are continuously working for the betterment of their guests.

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