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A brief introduction 'Gay Tourism in India'

In modern world 'Gay Tourism in India' is a very controversial, extremely interesting and relevant topic just because of the imminent changes in Indian Law. Also known as LGBT Tourism, Gay Tourism is a form of niche tourism marketed to LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgenders) people to meet their specific needs. Researches and surveys have confirmed that about 10% of any population belongs to gay community and when we talk about India second most populated country in the world, the proportion of gay people goes dreadfully high. As per survey in the year 2008 there were about 113996493 gay people in India. One thing was found very common in these gay people and that was there economic status, economically they are very strong particularly the DINK couples just because they are (Double Income No Kids couples). Just because the concept of LGBT was not very broad and developed in India because of that Gay Tourism was struggling to progress in India, though it is a multi -million dollar Industry worldwide with $ 2 trillion turnover predictable by 2012 out of this UK in itself, is a 600 million pound Industry as far as Gay tourism is concerned. It is not very easy to earn all this money. It has been observed that to earn this high non-refundable income, tourism industry have to work a lot. When we talk about traveling LGBT people are unusually serious and thus, they won’t compromise on anything and so worldwide high level of attention is set on quality of products, bigger and nicer accommodations, high class services, etc. while catering to LGBT people.

With the improvement in the backward thinking of Indians towards Gay community and the research and surveys emphasizes on promoting the current position of Gay Tourism in India as the market of Gay tourism is on boom and also to tap pink money (Pink money is the purchasing power of gay community which is valued at 350 billion pounds worldwide). To calculate the purchasing power of gay community 60 gay and bisexual men were surveyed (20 domestic and 30 international travelers in India were selected for the final analysis) and also the operations of gay-friendly hotels, gay restaurants & pubs, gay travel agencies, gay-event organizers, NGO's , gay stores etc. were studied.

Current position of Gay Tourism in India

Famous but holds a bad image- But trend changing with time.
Internationally India is accepted as a popular travel destination but 45% are there who had 'very little' anticipations from India before arriving, because of them India has a bad Image amongst International gay community. But as time changing, the trend is changing and society has started accepting the all these guests and welcoming them with full hearts.

Unfriendly towards gay people – But mindset changing as per time.
Most of the gay people found India very unfriendly towards them. Some trying to prove this by their personal experiences in India. According to a domestic gay traveler he was slapped by a cop while he was once holidaying in a city he knew very little about and an International gay traveler during his holiday in India came to him and was openly asking him if he was gay. Receptionists in most of the hotels do question about choice over the type of bed (twin or double) when one room is shared by two people of the same sex without realizing that this may embarrass gay people. Similarly, drivers, vendors, waiters etc. question about wife and family when they come across a single male traveler, who may be gay. And in case of those who are open about their sexuality while traveling, the situation gets even worst. In most of the cases, they are seen as disgusting, absurd, funny or sick human beings.

But as time changing, the trend is changing and society has started accepting the all these guests and welcoming them with full hearts. Hotels/ vendors/transporter/Driver also gives them full space to enjoy the holiday and help them to plan their travel more interesting and adventourous.

Special packages by LGBT India Tour
So as to tap pink money, and also to make the Gay community feel comfortable to visit a wonderful tourist destination, India, LGBT India Tour have started working on it and is wholly devoted in offering special packages for LGBT people to make them a must visit internationally popular travel destination India. We have planned our packages in such a manner that there is no room for unwanted situations of embarrassments to the guests because of their sexuality and wherever they go there will be a friendly and comfortable environment. These special packages generally come at a high price in a country like India where Gay tourism is growing but at a slow pace and since it is still in infant stage just because there are not many business players. Till yet Gay tourism do not have a profitable market but there is a lot of scope in it because with the development of economy and also the people this will grow at a passive rate as India is a must visit place in the world for each and everyone.

Indian Gay Travel Company
LGBT India tour is a gay travel company in India, which offers 'Luxurious and expensive' packages to gay men who are rich and are traveling within India. We are there for every minute with our guests to meet their needs.

High demand, but minimal supply
There are so many Gay men who have shown their interest in spending their holidays in India. But only few gay people come to visit India. Now things have change a lot so feel free to visit a country like India which is rich in natural beauty and is famous for its diversity. We are there we will plan your holiday in such a way that you will visit India again and again and all your negative views about India will go in vain. Gay friends kindly don’t go on rumors it’s better to experience a beautiful country India instead of listening to others. We are there wherever you want us, so don’t be afraid let’s move.

Gay friendly hotels
There are top-end hotels in India which are gay friendly. But sometimes it has been observed that most of the Gay men did not prefer top-end hotels so we can arrange mid range gay friendly hotels, run and owned by gay owners as per your requirement.

Gay event organizers
Organizing events, particularly gay parties, is a high profitability affair. From Boyzone in Delhi, to Salvation star with its classy parties and Gaybombay with its comparatively more informal parties in Mumbai, have a huge clientele showing up every weekend willing to spend and party. All the major cities in India have companies/people organizing gay theme parties very frequently. Apart from parties, other events like film screenings, rainbow kite-flying events, etc are also organized by several NGO's like Humsafar Trust in Mumbai, Naz foundation in India but here the purpose is not making money and the entry is generally free. We are there to organize any kind of event you people demand to add fun and pleasure to your trip to India.

Potential of Gay Tourism in India

Big scope
In modern world the researches and surveys have predicted that the future of gay tourism appears to be exceptionally acceptable in India as the thinking of the people have changed all over the world and now people want to travel to explore the whole world.

High- Income & frequently traveling clientele
There are so many respondents who love traveling and their annual income is very high. 60% of the International respondents had an annual income of more than $20,000. 40% International respondents said that they travel 4-6 times a year. This re-assures the high income generating potential of gay tourism in India.

Long holidays
70% of the International travelers in India said that they stayed in the country for at least a month and 80% of International respondents had visited India more than once. This indicates that the Indian tourism industry can get an extended opportunity to get more out of its businesses if they are focused on gay clientele as well.

High purchasing power
To understand the real potential of LGBT Tourism in India, it is very crucial to figure out whether the targeted group, which reportedly has a high income, is willing to spend money or not. The outcome of the research proves that gay people are very generous in spending money while holidaying. Most of the respondents spent even up to $200 per day while on a vacation. Many international respondents even said that they tend to spend even more when they visit India and this is partially because they find prices in India are either cheap or reasonable.

Interest in gay travel companies
70% respondents showed a keen interest towards gay travel companies and this inclination is an indication of money generating business opportunities waiting to be undertaken.

Impact of India
It has been found that 70% of the International respondents found themselves completely satisfied in terms of what they had been expecting out of India during their visit to India.

Research has shown that 70% of the domestic respondents showed their positive attitude towards their travel in a gay cruise-liner. It has been observed that the gay parties organized on static ships in Mumbai have been very successful in recent past.

Gay establishments
80% respondents showed a positive response towards gay accommodations (including both-gay only hotels and gay friendly hotels). Most of the respondent’s also preferred gay bars but that with high standards of quality.

Crucial information’s for execution of a successful growth process in the field of Gay Tourism

While conducting research and survey several useful and relevant facts are founded. And these facts are sufficient enough to portrait that in the Indian market several new players have entered into to promote and enhance the Gay tourism in India. But before starting this business of Gay tourism in India it is very important to note the below listed points:-

Means to connect
It has been found that for travelling purposes internet, guides, books, magazines etc play a very important role. Most of the travelers book their holiday tour packages by above means only and therefore all these modes can be very effective for travel purposes for LGBT people. Being the ultimate source of each and every kind of information Internet, can fetch a large number of customers and possibly because of this effective source of publicity even the party organizers like Salvation Star in Mumbai chose to invest in a fancy website which gives a tag of 'classy' to their parties. The tag of being affiliated by ILGTA and this very fact being published on internet, gives many more clients to several Gay travel agencies. In modern world online promotion is quite in demand. There are several Indian online gay magazines like Pink-pages, The Queer Chronicle and comparatively new one Galaxy knows how powerful internet in today’s world and so they are working online to promote their magazines. Bombay Dost, being the only Indian gay magazine available in print version in a few stores of Mumbai and in People Tree in Delhi, is gaining a lot of popularity day by day. Through online shopping websites it is very clear that the shopping by LGBT people is also increasing day by day. But only this much is not at all sufficient enough. If we have a glance at the hotels of India then we will find that gay friendly hotels are never being publicized openly in India and also the notion of gay-only hotels is missing. Many existing companies catering to LGBT people in India have been unsuccessful in reaching out to the masses. Bangalore-rooms, offering quality accommodations at reasonable prices in Bangalore, decided not to invest in its development perhaps because of the absence of sufficient support. There is a need to create a strong business environment that facilitates the ability of taking a stand especially when such a huge lucrative market is waiting out there for products and services focused on them. The biggest task is to enhance the image of India as a friendly travel destination. The openly gay MP of Nepal, is trying to enhance the Nepal's image by publicizing it's natural beauty(Himalayas) through Pink mountains Travels and Tours so that people divert their attention from seeing Nepal as a chaotic place to focusing on the mountaineering, rafting, elephant safari and even the gay marriage options at foothills of Himalayas. So, we Indians have to woke up and work together to make the gay community feel free to visit India and to enjoy each and every place of India with full zeal. LGBT India Tour is working hard to give you people a wonderful package of sightseeing of beautiful India with safety and freedom.

Quality can't be compromised
Research and surveys shows that The Gay community never ever compromise on quality. They won’t mind paying so in return they want bigger accommodations, nicer designs, better services and exceptionally good products. We also believe in this so book your holiday package with us and enjoy your vacation in India.

Research has shown that 70% of the domestic respondents showed their positive attitude towards their travel in a gay cruise-liner. It has been observed that the gay parties organized on static ships in Mumbai have been very successful in recent past. However, International respondents did not seem to be very impressed by the idea. But special cruise liners can still fetch a lot of income when particularly aimed at domestic gay travelers.

Demand for gay travel companies
It was found that the kind of packages the LGBT people were getting from various travel agencies were not satisfying their needs and they were quite inconvenient during the whole tour. Most of the travel agencies offer such type of regular packages to the gay community which makes them feel discomfort and embarrassment throughout the whole tour. This should be strictly avoided, for e.g., they are generally provided packages accompanied by families comprising of husbands, wives and children in a group and being questioned about personal life like husband/wife by the group members is something very unpleasant especially when one is on a holiday. To avoid such type of mess the respondents showed a keen interest in special packages. The world is waiting for India to come up with more specialized travel services for LGBT people. LGBT India Tour is one such type of travel service provider which plan customized and specialized travel packages to LGBT people.

Other important considerations
Like other countries of the world the tourism industry in India can boom with increased income if many of the hotels in India become even if most of the hotels become gay friendly. The LGBT people should be treated with respect and as per their demand their must be themed bars for them. There should be proper travelling arrangements for them by air or by train as they require. By treating them in well manner and by fulfilling their demand we create a new business opportunity for Indian tourism industry. may only require a hotel to just respect all the guests as individuals with various personal choices. Many respondents also demanded special themed bars for them in India and this indicates a It has also been observed that most of the respondents preferred flying when commuting for a holiday and trains seemed to be equally popular amongst international respondents.

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