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The culture of Goa is not of its own rather it’s a unique mixture of native elements and extraneous influence. If we go back look into the history of Goa, we will come to know that Goa has take care of and preserved local art and culture despite being repeatedly conquered by invading forces. The Portuguese has ruled Goa for a very long period and has influenced the Goan culture in more ways than one and in many aspects of the culture of Goa one witnesses a flawless mix of national and Portuguese traditions.

The people of Goa are fun-loving and so dance and music are an essential part of the Goa culture and the warm people of Goa express themselves with colorful performances. Goa is said to be the treasure trove of superb art and crafts and tourists visiting the state take artifacts as keepsakes. Unity and communal harmony without any discrimination on the basis of caste and creed is an amazing feature of the culture of Goa with the people carving a unique Goan identity irrespective of their religious persuasions.

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