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Well famed as the City of Joy, the attraction of Kolkata lies in its culture. Just take a walk in the chaotic streets of the city to take up the liveliness of this city. Be it the colonial architecture of Victoria Memorial hall or the wildlife in Sundarbans National Park, Kolkata has something for every kind of visitor.

If you are visiting Kolkata then the marathon Eden Gardens and the extremely popular Howrah Bridge are something not to be missed. If you have interest in astronomy, then the MP Birla Planetarium has a wonderful show you can attend. Check out the list of places to be visited in Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial Hall

Victoria Memorial  in Kolkata The Victoria Memorial Hall built between 1906 and 1921 is built in the memory of Queen Victoria (1819–1901), and is now a museum and tourist destination. It was built with the intention to make the people memorialize the rule of the British Empire in India. The Victoria Memorial with a height of 184 feet and 338 by 228 is today a museum having an collection of Victoria memorabilia, paintings of British Rule and other displays. During the night, the Victoria Memorial Hall is illuminated, giving it a fairy tale look. In this memorial extraordinary collection of weapons, sculptors, paintings, maps, coins, stamps, artifacts, textiles etc. are kept. In the Royal gallery of Victoria Memorial, portraits of the Queen and Prince Albert are kept. A lot of paintings are there in the memorial which illustrates events from Victoria’s life. Another remarkable peace in Victoria Memorial is a painting by the Russian artist Vasseli Verestchagin, portraying the state entry of the Prince of Wales in Jaipur in the year 1876. During the post independence period a new addition was made to the Victoria Memorial by way of National leaders’ gallery and also the portraits and ruins of the freedom fighters.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge  in Kolkata Howrah Bridge an iconic symbol of Kolkata and popular tourist attractions is famous as Rabindra Setu. The bridge 705 meter long is situated over Hoogly River. The Bridge 6th longest bridge of its type in the world is a pretty structure to see.

The Mother House

The Mother House  in Kolkata Mother Teresa popularly known as the saint of the drains, had spent 45 years of her life serving the deprived and poor in the city. Because of her hard work and dedication in treating the sick, poor, orphans etc. she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Mother Teresa lies in eternal rest at Mother House, the head quarters of Missionaries of Charity, the order she founded.

Eden Garden

Eden Garden  in Kolkata Eden Garden with a seating capacity of over 90,000 is one of the biggest cricket stadiums in the world. At this place the important cricket matches of 1987 World Cup final and the semi-final between India and Sri Lanka has taken place. At present during the IPL match it serves as the home ground to Kolkata Knight Riders.

Opening hours of Eden Garden:
It is open throughout the year from January to December and is open all seven days from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm.

Kali temple

Kali temple in Kolkata Kali Temple situated in Kalighat is Kolkata’s holiest Hindu shrine and it is among the 52 Shakti Peethas. In India there are few temples where goat are sacrificed even today Kali Temple is also among those temples. Every year lakhs of devotees visit the temple. Kalighat of Kolkata is famous for its unusual painting style.

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