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Kalimpong is a place which has lot for tourists. You can enjoy by attending the Losar festival or you can visit the science center which gives you a sneak peek into the culture of this state. In Kalimpong you can also go for shopping for souvenirs. See below to know more about the things to do in Kalimpong.

Losar Festival in Kalimpong
Losar is a Tibetan word which means “new year.” Losar often falling on the same day as the Chinese New Year is a 15 days celebration in which the main celebrations are on the first three days. It is popularly known as the Tibetan New Year and is also considered as the most important Buddhist festival. The Losar festival lasting for 15 days with the first 3 days of the festival are said to be the most important are celebrated with great joy and zeal in Kalimpong.

Shopping in Kalimpong
In the main bazaar there are few touristy shops, and so in that you can shop around. In these shops bargaining is there so don’t hesitate to bargain, you can bargain fairly a bit if you want to. In some shops they have a fixed price, so go for it as you won’t get a better deal anywhere else in town. You have to visit R.C. Mintri to buy clothes. The locally made lollipops are awesome so don’t leave Kalimpong without tasting them. Variety of commodities you can shop from China, Tibet and Bhutan but the local items like thankas, tea cups, daggers, footwear and lanterns are available here in large quantities.

The Kalimpong Science Centre
The Kalimpong Science Centre is established in 2008 under the DGHC (Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council) and is a recent tourist attraction. The Science Centre, which is situated on the Deolo Hill on the way to the Deolo tourist lodge, is meant for providing scientific awareness among the school students of the town and the locals.

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