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assam The name Assam is derived from a Sanskrit word 'ASOMA' which means a “Peerless” land, is an gateway to the North East India. Assam is a region bestowed by natural beauty and affectionate people. This is the region where nature herself has painted the vibrant landscape, woods, hillocks, brooks and streams, flora and fauna. The travelers who are exploring the treasures of pleasure on Assam tourism were casted a magic charm by the state of Assam India. As Assam is a dwelling of blue rivers and red mountains, one horned rhino, aromatic tea gardens so the tourism in Assam is a special experience. Because of temples, monuments, and torrential Brahmaputra River Assam bears a witness of rich cultural heritage. In terms of traditions and civilization Assam is a renowned state and hence makes for an amazing experience.

Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram Tourism Mizoram, serving its borders with Myanmar, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Assam and Manipur is the beautiful northeastern state of India. The word Mizo means highlander and Mizoram means “the land of mizos”, the hedonists, who are very particular about their ethics and deontology. The mighty mystic mountains, rare flora and fauna and thick bamboo forests are altogether protecting the cities of Mizoram. Precipitous hills with lavish green fields are on the contrary of these woods. In making up the atmosphere of the state exorbitant is the meandering river with a graceful gait and shimmering waterfalls. The capital city Aizwal along with many others has potential of exciting tourism in Mizoram.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh A mystical land of bliss- Arunachal Pradesh is protected by the eastern crest of India. Lots of wonders and attractions for travelers are there by this 'Land of Rising Sun'. Ahh! A lot many to have a rendezvous with on Arunachal Pradesh tourism and travel tour like the wavering rivers, the snow clad mountains, the stubborn plains, exclusive flora and fauna, legendary cultural heritage trailing since ancient times, the habitat of wild savages, the thick woodlands, the historical heritages, the tribal terrains..... In Arunachal Pradesh each of these attractions is at par. As many as 600 species of orchid out of thousands of species of orchids are found in Arunachal Pradesh India.


Manipur AOn earth, there are some places which are not hotspots as per tourism statistics but have magnetic charm and when you visit that place, you feel excited and delighted. This being the very reason as to why the region was not explored by you earlier, Manipur India is one such place. Manipur charming people with its simplicity and serenity is located in the northeast part of India. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life then Manipur tourism is a great option.


Nagaland Extremely charming and lovingly beautiful is the undulating state of Nagaland India. A state being home to as many as sixteen tribes has lot to explore. The virgin topography of the state is breathtakingly enchanting. To experience the warmth and hospitality of people, panorama of nature, lavish blossoms and coy rivers making their way through the rocky and uneven terrains you must visit Naga City. Those who are victim of hectic repetitive lifestyle and then Nagaland tourism is for them.


Sikkim In the bosom of Eastern Himalayas Sikkim tourism is incredible! Sikkim is a wonderland with its avant garde surroundings and spectacular tableau. Mixture of Buddhism and Tibet logy together with the Shangrila and the Mt. Kanchenjunga makes Sikkim a charming land. As in Sikkim Buddhism is predominant so you will see many monasteries and ruby clad monks on your Sikkim tour. Those who are nature lovers, for them the state has renowned orchid’s sanctuary where 500 indigenous species of orchids are found. For adventurers a Sikkim travel has many druthers. Many picturesque and attractive dales and mountain lakes can be witnessed during the way to trekking. Forming a base for mountaineering voyages the rivers of Teesta and Rangeet are superb for river rafting.


Meghalaya Meghalaya is an embodiment of perpetual paradise and serenity draped in utter beauty. The picturesque locales, bountiful nature, fresh and sedating surroundings and yes the adventure sports add charm to this “Abode of Clouds”. Your spirits will be revived by the exposition of exuberant emerald hills and glens often bathing in frequent drizzles. The exclusive flora and fauna, the amicable tribal folks and their cultural heritage makes the trip to Meghalaya India a rendezvous. All tourist attractions of adventure, for sightseeing, for resurrection or simply to relax and enjoy are included in Meghalaya tourism.


Tripura Tripura one of the seven states in the North East, is believed to be originated from "Tripura Sundari" - the supreme deity of the state remarkable in Hindus as one of the fifty one peeths of Hindu Pilgrims. It is said that primarily the land was called “Tuipra” which connotes “A land adjoining the water.” Because of its ethnic cultural diversity, its bountiful natural purlieus, its temples, museums and palaces tour to Tripura India will be very exciting for you. Tripura has become a perfect travel holiday destination and tourism attractions of Tripura influence flocks of tourists.

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