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When we move towards south east of Khajuraho village, the point at which the road ends is that of the complex of Jain temples. You can also see the ruins of the Ghantai Temple which is on the way to the Jain complex and is at the southern edge of the village and just visible from the road. The ruins of the temple are nothing but the remains of pillars, some with bells (ghanti, hence the name) dangling on chains and all carved in stone. The only Buddhist statue to be found in khajuraho is discovered by Cunningham in the locality of the Ghantai temple.

The Jain temple complex with shops and a small museum displaying Jain images recovered from the locality was developed in recent times only. There is a gateway leading towards the complex and on one side of the gateway is the Dharamshala, the hostel for devotees visiting the temple and to the left is a temple that is in worship, called the shantinath. The Jain temple is made up of gathering of the remains, pillars and images of the older temples and is built around a courtyard. There is a tall 4.5 meter image of Adhinath in the central niche. There is a path which leads to another enclosed space within which are two interesting temples.

The major temples of the Jain group of temples in khajuraho are:

Parshvanath Temple:
Unlike other temples of Khajuraho which are built on higher platform this temple is built on a low plinth which makes it much easier to study the sculptures. The temple rectangular in shape has few stars - like projections that add variety to this temple and also other temples of this period. On the east of the Parshvanath Temple is a balcony that shows the way to the mandap and sanctum. West side of the temple has a projection, it seems that it has been added later, containing a small shrine.

On the north side and next to Parshvanath temple is Adinath temple which is a small beautiful temple. The exterior of the temple is divided into an adhishthana, above which are two rows of sculptures and a narrow band of celestial musicians and garland bearers. The very first opinion about the symbolic art of the Adinath temple is that it is very graceful and sophisticated, and also different from its heavier, stubbier counterparts in the Parshvanath temple.

Ghantai Temple:
This Jain temple has remarkable frescos depicting the 16 dreams of the mother of Lord Mahavira at the time of his birth and a Jain goddess mounted on a winged Garuda

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