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On the main road, at the side of the path leading to the Matangeshvar Temple is the A.S.I counter from where you can purchase tickets to visit the western group of temples and also the museum located on the opposite side. To protect the temple this large rectangular complex is surrounded by a boundary wall is and to enter the temple there is only one entry point. As is clear from the name itself at the Western Group you will see some of the most sensational temples in the world.

Chaunsath Yogini :
The temple devoted to Goddess Kali and is belonging to 900 AD is the earliest temple of the group that has survived. The temple is peculiar as it is being made up of granite.

Varaha Mandap:
This open pavilion in the form of a Mandap stands on a high platform to the south of the Devi shrine. The Mandap built at a height with the ground has 14 short pillars that support the high pyramidal roof capped with an amalaka and kalash.

Lakshman Temple:
This outstanding temple facing the varaha and Devi mandaps and built by the Chandella rulers is one of the three largest temples of khajuraho and the western group of temples and is considered to be the earliest, belonging to 954 AD. The temples facing the east and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, though it goes by a rather unfortunate name of Lakshman, the brother of Ram, the hero.

Kandariya MahadevTemple :
Undoubtedly the largest and most outstanding temple in Khajuraho. The graceful proportions of this building and its sculptural detailing are the most refined examples of this artistic heritage of central India.

Chitragupta Temple :
Chitragupta Temple devoted to the Sun God (Surya Dev) facing towards east or the rising sun and the imposing image of the God in the inner chamber is as high as five feet and is shown driving a horse-drawn chariot. On the occasion of Khajuraho Dance Festival most of the dance performances take place in front of this temple and also the Vishwanatha temple.

Vishwanatha Temple :
The temple with remarkable entrances and wonderful stones safeguarding its northern steps and royal stone made elephants taking care of the southern steps. The temple devoted to three-headed image of Lord Brahma is undoubtedly fascinating.

Mahadev Shrine :
Mahadev Shrine a small shrine between the Kandariya and the devi jagdambi Temples is such as its intention is hard to establish. The Mahadev Shrine that consists of a small open - pillared porch and sanctum has undergone through further renovations during the last century. There is a figure of uncontrolled lion fighting with a kneeling figure. It is supposed that this figure is the emblem of the Chandellas, and the figure has been installed in the porch because of some reason. There are two similar uncontrolled lion figures on the platform of the Kandariya Madadev and Devi Jagdambi temples.

Devi Jagdambi Temple :
The temple much smaller than the wonderful Kandariya MahadevTemple, has a cross plan with only one mandap, one set of balconies and no inner pradakshinapatha. Nevertheless, the Devi Jagdambi Temple has some of the loveliest sculptures of Khajuraho, and because of its medium height most of them are easily visible.

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